Miracles for Moderns
Wallace gave lectures on related topics at other times and these are presented here, non original images added to the original audio tape recordings.

Divine Mercy was included to follow on from the Sacred Heart devotion.
Our Lady of Guadalupe
(28 min)
 The Holy Shroud of Turin
(19 min)
 Eucharistic Miracles
(14 min)
(12 min)
 Our Lady Help of Christians
Terror of Tyrants
(45 min)

 The Sacred Heart of Jesus
(16 min)
(21 min)
Shroud of Turin Testimonies
(6 min)

Wallace Johnson gave this very popular lecture series in September 1977, in Brisbane Australia, and it is still relevant in the Third Millennium. New images have been added to these lectures.
wallace_johnson_lifesidentity004010.jpg wallace_johnson_lifesidentity004009.jpg wallace_johnson_lifesidentity004008.jpg wallace_johnson_lifesidentity004007.jpg wallace_johnson_lifesidentity004006.jpg wallace_johnson_lifesidentity004005.jpg wallace_johnson_lifesidentity004004.jpg wallace_johnson_lifesidentity004003.jpg
Divine Mercy
(98 min)

"I cannot punish even the greatest sinner if he makes an appeal to My compassion"
Cortes and Our Lady of Remedies
(19 min)

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