Bible Believers are an endangered species
Related Topics
Wallace gave lectures on related topics, presented here. Non original images were added to the original audio tape recordings.

1. Interpreting the Bible
(31 min)
2. Archaeological Finds
(27 min)
This lecture was presented by Wallace Johnson in two parts.

Part 1 describes how the Bible is to be read and understood.

Part 2 describes the scientific evidence for events in the Bible

Fr Teilhard de Chardin and Modernism
(15 min)
 Fatima: Adam & Noah & Moses & Us
(23 min)

Summary of Creation
(3 min)
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 What Catholics are Required to Believe (6 min)
wallace_johnson_lifesidentity003005.jpg wallace_johnson_lifesidentity003004.jpg wallace_johnson_lifesidentity003003.jpg
Galileo and the Church
(6 min)
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