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Wallace Johnson Lectures
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Evolution ? and Bible Believers are an Endangered Species
Wallace Johnson's lectures on evolution were originally presented to a live audience. The lectures were very lively and entertaining and greatly enhanced by Wallace's slides. Those lectures with his original slides are on the Evolution ? videos. Many years later Wallace made an updated recording with new information. That recording was made for audio tapes and no slides. That recording is presented below as parts 1 - 7. Wallace Johnson's other lectures regarding evolution are also below. They are also very interesting.
Evolution ?
Introduction (1 min)
1. Evolution (19 min)
2. Ape Men (16 min)
3. Age of the Earth (22 min)
4. Age of the Universe (18 min)
5. More on Ages (15 min)
6. Civilization and Culture (16 min)
7. Life and Conclusion (11 min)
Total time 118 minutes.
Other Evolution Related Lectures
What Catholics are Required to Believe (6 min)
Fr Teilhard de Chardin and Modernism (15 min)
Fatima: Adam & Noah & Moses & Us (23 min)
Evolution: The Hoax Destroying Christendom (50 min)
Galileo and the Church (6 min)
Pope John Paul II and Evolution (2 min)
Ape Men and the Big Bang (11 min) extracts from pts 2 & 4
Total time 113 minutes.

Bible Believers are an Endangered Species
This lecture has two parts: 1. Interpreting the Bible (31 min) and 2. Archaeological Finds (27 min)
Bible Believers are an Endangered Species (58 min)

Miracles for Moderns and Other Wonders

Miracles For Moderns
Our Lady of Guadalupe (28 min)
The Holy Shroud of Turin (19 min)
Eucharistic Miracles (14 min)
Lourdes Miracles (12 min)
Fatima (21 min)
Total time 94 minutes.
Other Wonders
Shroud of Turin Testimonies (6 min)
Mary Help of Christians - Terror or Tyrants (45 min)
Devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (16 min)
Guadalupe: Cortes and Our Lady of Remedies (19 min)
Total time 86 minutes.

Wallace Johnson’s Further Notes on Evolution
Encyclical: Humani Generis (regarding false opinions)
Encyclical: Pascendi Dominici Gregis (on Modernism heresies)
Encyclical on the Eucharist
Apostolic Letter on the Rosary
Vatican: The Message of Fatima
Sacred Heart of Jesus Devotion and Prayers
History of the Rosary by St Louis De Montfort
How to Pray the Rosary and Rosary Prayers
The Prayers and Messages of Fatima
The Brown Scapular of Carmel
The Brown Scapular of Carmel Blessing and Investiture Prayers
Guadalupe, Shroud of Turin and Lanciano Miracle Facts

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